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Video Marketing

Revolutionize your marketing strategy with video multimedia


The time to use video marketing services has never been better than now! In this digital age, RealReach will help you create compelling video to reach your target audience. The current media channels are highest in volume towards social media. The average person spends several hours every day on their phone and over one-third of online activity is watching videos.

Video marketing uses film to create brand awareness and boost engagement with your target.


Over 70% of people watch a video online every week and Youtube claims that almost a billion hours of video are consumed every day.

Having a video on your landing page can increase a conversion rate to 80%.

70% of people prefer film to learn about a service, like informational commercials.

Almost 85% of businesses use video in their marketing mix.

Video ads get triple the clicks and cost less than half a Facebook ad lead.

You are 50 times more likely to show on Google if you have video in your website.

88% of marketers are pleased with the return on their investment of video marketing.


The first part of beginning a video marketing service campaign is to determine what you want to target and measure. The marketing funnel recommends checking view lengths, click-through rates, and sales. Once you know your ideal consumer, we use that demographic to choose where to advertise.  Different people watch different media, but it is best to utilize more than one. You can target on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google. We offer a wide arrangement of marketing video types to help you reach potential buyers. Film allows viewers to see your work and the range of your products. These videos allow customers to watch the new communities be constructed and track progress.


We post client videos on Facebook, Vimeo, and Youtube to coordinate with respective campaigns. A major part of this is featuring videos in your website design. This will raise your Google Search rankings with keywords.


The first video marketing service that is offered is spokesmodel videos, these include greenscreens where we will include commentary and interview for your campaigns. Spokesmodel videos give your audience an ease when putting a face and voice to your brand. This will describe your product and mission clearly on a social level while allowing you to build a relationship with customers.



Our next video type is a community profile video. When buying real estate you are also buying into the community. This is designed to give a detailed look at the location, highlighting the layout and important features. Shining a spotlight on the amenities and best parts of what the neighborhood has to offer can draw people in.  We incorporate aerial footage into all our campaigns, include ground level film, still shots, and lot dimensions to give an accurate representation of the construction. In order to boost the lifestyle, we add in school information, dining, local attractions and shopping.



Model home videos allow us to present the structure with a walkthough tour including a voice over description of the home’s features. We record footage of your entire property and show the flow of the house with design in mind. We incorporate wide lens shots, lighting, and drone footage to highlight all the main attributes of your home. Matterport tours help us bring your property to life on screen. The 3D Matterport is a tour that gives the most lifelike experience of your house online. Viewers can engage with the floorplan and move throughout the home on their own remotely. This interactive setting lets prospective buyers truly see all the fixtures and finishes of your home with an eye level view.



Customers appreciate About Us videos because they resonate well with them and make a company seem more personable. If a person engages with your team and brand, they are more likely to be interested in working with you. Culture or origin stories showcase your company’s  spirit and allows viewers to relate to you. Introduce your staff and open up to people with a behind the scenes look at who you are. Including an About Us video not only humanizes you brand but can help your websites SEO to reach potential clients.



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