Susie Moore

Content Development & Graphic Design

Susanna graduated from the University of Florida with a major in Linguistics and a minor in Marketing. During school, she ran theĀ events departmentĀ for an after-school program. She worked with the company CEO to re-do the branding for the department, which saw a 300% increase in sales.

After college, Susanna moved to Tampa, where she briefly worked as a Marketing Associate for a small, direct-sales based company. Although she learned a lot, the growth potential was slim, so she moved to a prestigious private school as a Marketing Assistant and Afterschool Program Director and Summer Camp Director. Susanna worked to re-vamp both programs, creating new graphics and new marketing strategies for the programs, again leading to an increase in attendance.

When a round of budget cuts hit the school, Susanna found herself looking for a job where she could focus solely on marketing, and expand her skill set. Since working at RealReach Marketing, she has grown personally and professionally and enjoys the friendly and creative atmosphere.


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