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Foundation links are those links built never to change and are mostly future-proofed to several algorithm updates from Google or any other search engines.


Due to requests I am adding a short guide on how best to use my services along with others to boost your rankings

Step 1: Optimize your site. I can not stress to you how important this is.

Step 2: Start your foundation links. Use branded and plain URL links in these.

STEP 3: Add profile links. These should still be branded and plain URLs at this point.

Steps 4 through 7 should be repeated till you get the rankings you are looking for. Then just used for maintaining your rankings. These will get you ranked to the top of the results. But, they will not do it overnight.

Step 4: Social signals. Can’t stress enough the different reasons these are important in 2018.

Step 5: Web 2.0 backlinks.

Step 6: Tiered Links. These are tiered web 2.0 links going to you site.

Step 7: DAS. A domain authority stack. To boost your page and domain authority.

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