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We hope you enjoyed the Digital Marketing Expert Panel Webinar.  Reaching consumers online is now more important than ever!  View it again here.

Below are the various video examples and tools referenced by RealReach Marketing & Productions President,

Jimmy Schaefer.

May Special

YouTube Advantage Package

  • Set up and Optimize your YouTube Account
  • Create 30 Second Spokesmodel Community or Model Center Video
  • Upload Video to YouTube

Regular Price:  $750             Show Special:  $450

*upgrade available to add on-site videography (travel fees may apply)

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If a picture is worth 1000 words…

Then a video is priceless!

Build Your Business with Video

Video is an engaging, dynamic content format and an important component of your digital marketing strategy for a number of reasons.   It’s versatile, easy to share across platforms, accessible by anyone with a computer or smart phone and an entertaining medium for viewers.  It provides you with a creative outlet to share your story and engage consumers in a way that is more personal than typical text marketing.   “Will they watch” you ask?  Based on the reported 1 BILLION hours of YouTube video watched PER DAY, we say yes!

Getting Value From Visual Content:
It’s Not as Expensive as You Think

Best Practices: Video

  • Engage viewers by including a voice over and easy to read captions
  • Improve your ranking in online searches by using SubRip Subtitle files (SRT) which are plain-text files that contain subtitle information. When you upload SRT files to native video platforms including Facebook and Instagram, they’re indexed by Google and become crawlable and the keyword phrases in your video become searchable.
  • Increase views and followers by using Google Ads to promote your video on YouTube
  • Increase views and followers by using Keywords in your video to rank higher in YouTube searches
  • Improve your SEO results by embedding a YouTube on your website
  • Increase followers in Social Media by creating and posting 15-20 seconds clips from your longer videos
  • Shorten sales cycle by educating your salespeople on the effective use of video
  • Create a smooth transition for online leads by having your online salesperson introduce the prospective buyer to your community salesperson with a video
  • Improve your open rates in your email marketing by using video

Best Practices: Aerial Photography and Videography

  • Protect your business by hiring a professional Photographer/Videographer with a current FAA Part 107 UAV license and Insurance
  • Help prospective buyers visualize your completed projects by combining your aerial photos with graphics such as plat overlays and 3D Renderings
  • Provide a sharper view of the area around your community or project for online prospects by uploading 360º aerial photos to Google Maps (see example Google Maps Aerial below)
  • Introduce online prospective buyers to your community or project by adding an Aerial Tour to your website (see example Aerial 360 Community Tour video below)

Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Build rapport more quickly with potential and new clients through personal video interactions:

  • Send a follow up video to registered sales center visitors to thank them for coming in and offer further assistance
  • Send a video introduction from your online specialists to potential buyers who schedule a sales appointment
  • Introduce buyers to superintendents and warranty managers as they transition from the sales team to the construction group

Make an Emotional Connection

Help prospective buyers develop an emotional connection to your homes and communities:

  • Include testimonial videos on your website to help prospective buyers feel confident in making the decision to build with you
  • Present the lifestyle and daily experience of living in your homes and communities with model home and community tour videos
  • Focus on the story, not the sale.  Engage and educate viewers on the benefits of living in your home and your community

Rank Higher in Search Engines

Increase your ranking in search engine results to promote traffic to your website

  • Embed spokesmodel videos on your website that include strategic keywords in the script which improve your search ranking
  • Create and embed an “About the Builder” video on your website that includes key phrases used in typical online searches
  • Optimize your YouTube channel and add videos with complete descriptions, relevant keywords and unique titles to help you rank

Video Samples

Online Sales Introduction

Online Sales Introduction and Handoff

Google Maps Aerial

(Click and drag the image below)

Aerial 360 Community Tour

Commercial Building with Future Phase

About Us Video

Community Video with Area Amenities

Spokesmodel on Green Screen

Community Amenities Tour

Shortened Social Media Version of Community Video

Green Screen Promo Video for Social Media

Community Video with Plat Map Overlay

Community Social Media Campaign

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