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“…..Jim Schaefer, president and owner of RealReach Marketing, has been named Marketing Manager of the Year by the Sales and Marketing Council (SMC) of the Tampa Bay Builders Association.      Moreover, RealReach Marketing also walked off with three other top honors during recent awards ceremonies in Tampa, including Best On-Line Ad, Best Corporate Video and Best Television Commercial….” View the full press release here!

Quadcopters, also called drones, have been working in the high-end real estate industry for several years ever since ready-to-fly models have become so popular and affordable. Halstead Property is a real estate company specializing in exclusive real estate in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. They have contracted videographer/pilots to do aerial video for over 200 exclusive homes in the tri-state area. The video above features quadcopter footage of …

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ABC Entertainment News | ABC Business News A new trend in the real estate market is bringing a whole new meaning to “home movies.” In order to help sell homes, real estate agents and developers are commissioning mini-movies, replete with actors, scripts and musical scores, as a new tactic to entice buyers in a competitive real estate market. Neo Property, one of the companies using this Hollywood-style pitch technique, …

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